What our clients say...

“Kaira is an amazing Marketing Consultant! As soon as she started advising us about social media, and implementing what we needed, we were getting hits like crazy! She knows her stuff! If you want someone with amazing knowledge and experience, Kaira is the perfect professional to work with!!”

- Cindy Williams, Keller Williams Realty

"Kaira is a true gem and a pleasure to work with. She is very dedicated and organized, being able to prioritize... and bring [a product] to market quickly. She is extremely resourceful... clear-thinking, strategic, and confident in her decisions. Kaira is a definite asset to any company and I look forward to the opportunity of working with her again."

- Nina Gerwin, VP of Marketing, Vsolay Inc.

“I hired and have been working with Kaira...with marketing my business, re-doing my website, and creating promotional materials. I wouldn't trade her for anyone. Immediately, I started getting more traffic to my website and more business. I'm a perfectionist... I have to say she really has been on the top of it all....She has always been upfront, giving me advice on what to change and how to do it - I love that....I would really recommend Kaira for your business. You won t be disappointed. Money well invested. Guaranteed.”

- Estelle Guenot, Owner, Balayage Education

"We've been extremely pleased with [Kaira]. They've successfully and beautifully developed three web sites for us, including an extensive ecommerce project. They continue to maintain our site and produce updates with great efficiency.”

- Keith Hopkins, VP of Marketing, Phihong

“This was great work, from start to finish. I was especially impressed by Kaira's interaction with us, as she ensured she captured the message we tried to send.”

- Steve M., Founder, U.S. BioSearch, LLC

“[Kaira] helped me realized that my business needed something else first... She explained in details why, which was very helpful and essential so that I could continue to move forward and not have to go back and fix a mistake. I highly recommend her....”

- Mark E. Walker, Strategist

“I found [Kaira] to be very hardworking, dedicated to quality and very customer focused who paid great attention to detail. She was very organized and did a wonderful job.... Despite all the long hours Kaira always kept a cheerful disposition. It was a pleasure to work with her.”

- Anil Gursahani, Software Enginer, ManyOne Networks

“I've had the opportunity to work with some of the best engineering teams and consultants around the world...We selected Kaira...I'd recommend this company to anybody.”

- Henry Gage, Jr. , CEO, Sync Essentials, Inc.

"Kaira has a varied background and maturity that gives her a skill-set that helped us map out our processes. She's a quick study and gave us an output that was greatly appreciated. I highly recommend Kaira as a great asset."

- Mark Lutz Owner at Lutz Quality Systems Consulting

“Kaira has an amazing breadth of experience in high tech and especially interactive services. She's had hands-on experience with just about every interactive role imaginable…. She is both insightful and detail-oriented … and is a pleasure to work with.”

- Rich Julius, VP of Interactive Technology, Crimson Consulting

“Kaira has been a delight to work with, and always ready when we need them. We love their work!”

- Nancy Karges Executive Director (ret.), Compeer Santa Cruz

Partial Clients

  • Norsco Inc.
  • Vsolay, Inc.
  • Lobeez
  • Pixt Industries
  • Sugar Sak Innovations
  • eClincher, Inc.
  • Pathways for Kids
  • Compeer Santa Cruz
  • Wrapzap Inc.
  • Ed Cesena, Artist
  • Brasuca Designs
  • Lycanwood Productions
  • Lighthouse Management Group
  • Lutz Quality Systems Consulting
  • Suess Insurance
  • Roy's Woodcraft Services
  • U.S. Biosearch, LLC
  • Akruto, Inc.
  • Tierney & Mercado LLC
  • MicroAge
  • Chamber of Commerce, Santa Cruz
  • Netbit Electronics Ltd.
  • American Ballast
  • Crimson Consulting (Crimson Marketing)
  • SyncEssentials Inc.
  • Williams Witters Real Estate
  • ManyOne Inc.